The Challenge

Paine Field Snohomish County Airport needed a website to inform the public about the Paine Field Master Plan, the strategic framework that guides the airport's development. The website needed to be in English and Spanish; introduce the project's background, phases, and committees; and provide a way for the audience to stay informed of future updates and open houses.

The Solution

The team at PRR developed the sitemap, wireframe, content outline, style tile, and copy for the website. I created the website design in Webflow based on the style tile and wireframe provided by the Creative Director. Because this was a simple one-page site, we used a straightforward top-page navigation that linked to each section within the page, plus a link leading to the Spanish version of the site.

The biggest challenge was the masonry layout depicted in the style tile. Similar informational websites often have a main content area around 1200 pixels wide, with flexible right and left margins to prevent content from spreading out too far on larger screens. Because each section in the grid would have its own style, I had to pay special attention to each viewport size, from extra wide screens down to the smallest smartphone. Each content area needed to respond to the size of the user's browser window without losing alignment with the other sections, squishing any content, or getting out of order.


The client was delighted with the final product and proud to share it with their stakeholders and audience. As with all websites I build, I did extensive testing and debugging for cross-browser and device compatibility (even IE11!) and accessibility.