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Designing a Professional Website

The Project is a professional website for the Director of Admissions at a coding academy in Seattle, WA. The client wanted a personalized platform to highlight her past work experience and feature contact information so that people in and outside of her network could connect with her.

My Role

For this website, I was in charge of information architecture, visual design, and front-end development.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Color, Google Fonts, Git / GitHub, Atom


During the initial research and planning for this project, I sat down with the client to map out what content she wanted to include on her website and what visual styles appealed to her. I also researched personal sites of other professionals to brainstorm the information architecture.
The Homepage: The simplicity of this project meant most information could be featured on the homepage, opting for the ease of scrolling over clicking through to multiple pages. The client's most relevant work is featured on the homepage, with the option to click through to internal pages, where the user can read more about the client's accomplishments in each role.

UX Design

The straightforward content of the website fit into to a simple four-page design, with most information accessable on the homepage. Individual pages host the three primary roles the client wanted to highlight.
Career Highlights: To emphasize the client's work experience, the website includes three internal pages, one for each professional role the client wanted to feature. See it live »

Visual Design

The visual design of this project reflects the client's personal style. I chose a light, feminine color palette and minimalist layout while including imagery that nods to both the client's love of travel and each stage in her professional career.

The font, which plays a major role in the aesthetic of the website, is Josefin Sans, described by the creator as "geometric, elegant, with a vintage feeling." Each visual design element throughout the site points back to these three descriptors.

The finished product is an online platform that represents the client's personality and career accomplishments.

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