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Designing a Better Mobile Budgeting App

The Project

Foundry is a concept for a budgeting app where users can record transactions, track spending, and manage saving goals in real time.

The goal of this project was to create an app concept that would provide a customizable budget, add a social aspect, and track savings goals all in one place.

My Role

I provided ideation and branding for this project, and produced final designs for a logo, an app icon, and three views.

Tools: Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Color, Unsplash, Zondicons


To research this project, I tested existing mobile and web-based budgeting apps. I noticed limited flexibility and customization, and discovered that most budgeting apps focus on spending limits more than saving goals.

UX Design

The initial design for this app concept focused on three main interfaces: the profile, the budgets, and settings.

Users can navigate between each budget category within the budget view by swiping left or right. This updates the data set without having to navigate out of the view.

The ability to share goals and budgeting/saving tips on the user's profile was also an important part of the app, to create a sense of community and accountability.


Visual Design

The visual design focused on a clean user interface with large visuals. Since budgets and savings can be an intimidating area for some people, I focused on a simple layout, with straightforward options in each screen. The user can use the app in a way that meets their needs, whether as a simple ledger or a more robust budgeting tool.

The primary color, a bold green, brings an association with currency, financial health, and growth. The logo—a wrench that also is positioned to look like the letter F, for Foundry—is a nod to the app being a tool within someone's toolkit towards financial indepence.

Profile: Each user has a profile that they can fill out as much or as little as they would like, and they can follow other users to get tips on couponing, saving methods, and more.
Budget: The clean layout, large buttons, and clear icons create an unintimidating interface to makes it easy for users to quickly track their spending and see at a glance the funds they have within each budget category.
Settings: Users can publish their goals to help with accountability, and control the settings within the app for privacy, notifications, and more.