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Designing the Web UX / UI for Landing Pages, Registrations, and Payments

The Project

Boone & Co is a concept for an organization that facilitates and encourages more open-air events by providing campground and outdoor conference registrations.

My Role

For this project, I drove the ideation for the overall company branding. I created three user interface designs: a sign-up page, a credit card payment screen, and an event landing page. I also wrote the copy for each prototype.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Color, Unsplash, Google Fonts


Research for this project involved reviewing similar user experiences for sign-in and payment interfaces. For the landing page, I brainstormed what someone who was signing up for a conference would need to know, such as how to prepare and what activities to expect.

Boone & Co
The Sign-In Interface: Users need the ability to log in to their account to view registrations, book campsites, update payment info, and perform overall account management. Boone & Co can provide guided trips or just facilitate the campsite registration for customers, making it easy to get out in the woods. This simple sign-in page directs the customer to their account, but first-time visiters have the option to create a new profile if needed.

UX Design

As I created each prototype, I included common conventions so that the user would be able to navigate each view based on standard layouts. I included basics such the option to create an account on the sign-in page, for user who don't have an account already. For the payment user interface, I included both the payment information and the cart view, so that users can review their purchase before finalizing payment.

Boone & Co
The Payment Interface: Once users have selected which campsites or conferences they'd like to attend, they need to enter their credit card information to pay. In this interface, users have all the information in front of them around what they are purchasing, and have the option to edit their selection if they need to adjust the dates or remote the registration all together.

Visual Design

The visual design reflects the goal of the company: to encourage people to be outdoors. The color palette included natural tones, while also featuring a brighter green to use for calls to action and buttons, and guide the user's attention to specific points on each interface.

Boone & Co
The Event Landing Page: The landing page, the most fun part of this project to brainstorm and design, focused on generating sign-ups for an annual retreat called "The Campout." On this page, I focused on communicating the simplicity of the week-long event, call attention to the registration button, and provide additional details farther down the page, via the tabs right above the fold. By scrolling, customers can navigate through the tabs to get more information about the event and see photos from the previous year.